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There are so many advertising of the escort agencies, and it is growing online massively, as there is a lot of demand for escorts. The escort prices raise from 18 thousand rupees to 45 thousand rupees. There are so many websites online that provide for these services, and people can quickly get into the business only to make vast amounts of money.

Many escort agencies offer for call girls instantly, such as the call girl in Juhu. Sometimes many prostitution houses work the name of an escort agency, and they force girls and women into prostitution. The attempts are made by the police in India to shut down the online prostitution networks, but they claim that when one of the websites is taken down, two other websites take its place

It’s crucial to be careful

Prostitution and sex workers are everywhere in India. Knowing about these places become essential, as you can avoid falling into such dead-end traps, with no way out. Most women are trafficked to the area when they were 10 to 11 years old and now walk as sex workers with no hope in their lives.

Make sure to do some amount of research while getting into these areas or calling an escort, take help of a guide or a person who is more aware and is trustworthy to help you. Many organizations help women to get out of these situations.

Research before going to escort agencies 

Check for reviews and other necessary information and visit their other pages and websites. Unique and genuine websites don’t hide anything and are honest about their work and what they need to offer. Always do not fall for appealing pictures online; they might be decoys that work and function to get your attention and attract you. Sometimes these agencies may be fake websites to gain money.


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